Conceptual Estimate.

Our main focus at this time will be to prepare a conceptual estimate based on programming documents and defined assumptions mutually agreed to by the Client and the O'Brien Robinson Design Team. We have developed a unique approach to provide and present our estimates. Typically, most consultants and contractors provide estimates, and a list of qualifications and exclusions.

Our Team provides a factual account of the project status, presenting meaningful information to allow Team Members to make timely decisions. Furthermore, as each document is produced in the different phases of the design and construction document process, a library of information is created, taking into consideration key decisions and value added options.

Our cost control and cost estimating methods are founded upon early involvement in the pre-construction phase. During the early schematic phase, we will work closely with the owner and the architect in providing cost data for all alternative configuration schemes, and will form the basis for the project budget. During the early phases of the project, while the greatest number of options are open, decisions can be made which have the greatest impact on the final project costs.

To provide continuous cost control methods throughout pre-construction, our Team will examine each issue of drawings and specifications and each change to ensure adherence to the budget.

To confirm continuing compliance at various drawing levels and at document completion, we will prepare detailed line item estimates, on each and every sub-trade and clarification, based on quantity takeoffs derived from the drawings and specifications as they exist. As a cross-check to the budget, we will test the market by initiating discussions with specific subcontractors. This process will help to also develop subcontractor interest in bidding on the project. As part of our activities during the pre-construction phase, we will continuously monitor the progress of the design and immediately flag any deviation from the Conceptual Estimate resulting from each issue of the drawings and specifications.

"In all cases, we will look for possibilities to improve quality, expediate schedules or optimize costs."