Construction Approach.

During the construction phase of the project, we will provide all management and related services as necessary to adequately supervise, monitor and coordinate the work of all subcontractors. Our Team will manage all conditions of the site work rules and will establish and monitor safety, security, cleaning and other conditions. The following items are also critical to a successful construction project and will be provided by O'Brien Robinson Construction Services, Inc:

General Management and On-Site Staff.

  • The O'Brien Robinson Team will assign a Project Team at the jobsite for the coordination and initiation of the work.
  • Our Team will establish lines of authority in order to execute the project on a coordinated and efficient basis and will prepare a chart graphically indicating those lines of authority.
  • Our Team is accustomed to dealing with the upper management of subcontractors, whether it is in the field or at an off-site fabrication plant. By obtaining the commitment of the senior management of our subcontractors, our Team will ensure the Client of having its work done by the finest personnel and having personalized attention dedicated to the project by each subcontractor.
  • Our Team will establish, implement and maintain procedures to assure coordination among the architect, consultants, subcontractors, and all local municipal authorities, governmental agencies, utility companies, etc., who may be involved in the project.
  • Our Team will prepare and develop an on-site record keeping system, which will be sufficient in detail to satisfy an audit by the owner. Such records shall include, but will not be limited to, daily logs, progress schedules, manpower breakdowns (daily by trade), financial reports, quantities, material lists, shop drawing logs, etc.
  • In the event that an interpretation of the meaning and intent of the contract documents becomes necessary during construction, our Team will ascertain the architect's interpretation and transmit such information to the appropriate subcontractor(s).
  • Our Team will hold weekly job meetings with the owner's representatives, subcontractors, architects and other necessary parties to discuss procedures, progress, problems, scheduling, and open items.
  • Our Team will constantly review the adequacy of each subcontractor's supervision, personnel, equipment and the availability of necessary materials and supplies. When inadequate, our team will direct the necessary action to be taken by the subcontract involved.
  • Our Team will assist the Client in obtaining the general building permits and Certificates of Occupancy as required, and will coordinate the obtaining of all legally required permits, licenses and certificates. We will assemble these documents from the contractors and deliver them at the completion of the work.
  • Our Team will coordinate all work until final completion and acceptance of the project by the Client, including a comprehensive final inspection to ensure that the materials furnished and work performance are in accordance with the contract documents.
"Our Team will establish, implement and maintain procedures to assure coordination among all involved parties."