Project Detail

Legacy Crossing - Kohl's Site

Marion, Ohio

O'Brien Robinson performed as the Construction Manager overseeing the construction of the site for the new Kohl's store located in Marion, OH near the intersection of route 23 and 95. O'Brien Robinson worked with Domo Development Corporation, located outside Cleveland, Ohio, to perform in accordance of the SITE DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT with Kohl's, constantly coordinating with the Kohl's Organization.

In addition to the site package for Kohl's, O'Brien Robinson installed the 500' construction road, retention ponds on the site and coordinated with Marion County for the installation of a 3-lane road that will cut through the site. The project began in December of 2005 and concluded in the summer of 2006.

  • Acerage
    • 18 acres
  • Completion Date
    • Spring/Summer 2006
  • Total Value of Construction
    • $1,000,000


  • Owner
    • Domo Development Corp
  • Architect
    • Meacham & Apel Architects
  • Engineer
    • Advanced Civil Design