Standing Apart

What is setting O'Brien Robinson Apart?

At O'Brien Robinson, our answer is quite simply, The Team. We have people with proven track records in attracting talented staff members, securing new clients and furthering the company's image among the public, contractors and subcontractors.

We have extensive construction and development experience and have created confidence, respect and repeat business amongst our core clientele. It is this reputation that has allowed us to expand our business and our portfolio at the pace in which we have.

In summary, some of the items that differentiate O'Brien Robinson from the competition include the following:

General Issues.

  • The Principals and staff are dedicated to an extremely high level of client service and value relationships that are built during each project.
  • The O'Brien Robinson Organization will foster a small company attitude, allowing more individualized service to our clients.
  • Highly dedicated, hard working and ethical staff members.
  • Large variety of project history with experience on complicated projects in each of the focused segments.
  • Strong bonus programs for all staff members. This will include the ability for key individuals to eventually earn partial ownership of the company, enabling O'Brien Robinson to attract the best quality individuals in the market and retain them as strong contributors.
  • Service oriented staff with a history of performance with O'Brien Robinson and other Columbus based commercial construction companies.
  • Dedication to the requirement that a Principal will always be associated as the lead on the project, while the other Principals will be available to back-up and support the lead Principal.


  • Safe projects are our primary goal. We are proactive in finding and solving safety issues before they become accidents.
  • Safety policy manuals are issued to all personnel
  • Safety training programs conducted monthly.


All departments and Project Teams are provided specific checklists to reduce error and increase checks and balances

  • Checklists are updated and monitored by the Principals weekly, including examination of the following:
  • Estimating and pricing checklists
  • Procurement and contract checklists
  • Projects starts and closeouts

Turnover Project to Client.

  • We work to eliminate all items on the punch list in a timely fashion.
  • Our Team works with the client and related staff to ensure that they are well trained with the new building.
  • We complete necessary owners manuals and deliver them to the Clients.


  • Our goal is to provide the Client with the highest level of service possible. We expect to receive positive references from all of our Clients at the conclusion of every project.
"Our goal is to provide the Client with the highest level of service possible."